Posted: June 23rd, 2021

You are the consultant.

Pick only One scenario below and decide what your reaction as an innovation consultant would be in the situation you chose.  Relate your response to all of the course readings/lectures. This assignment should be between 2-3 double-spaced pages, using Time New Roman 12-point font, and formatted using either APA or MLA (your choice).
The following scenarios are from the past. Approach this scenario from what you know today AND keeping in mind the economic and technological forces of the time.
Scenario 1
In the late 1970s, a scruffy bunch of college dropouts left their garage and approached a large computer manufacturing and technology company with a proposal. They simply said “We have this cool new software system that we think can change the way computers are used. We’d like to talk to you about selling you our system. We’ll even come to work for you to help.” As a result of their efforts, they were offered a licensing agreement instead and were sent home. As an innovation consultant, what would your reaction be to both sides (the college dropouts and large computer company)?
Scenario 2 
It’s the early 1990’s. You are the president of a major bank. One afternoon your salespeople come to you with an idea. They talk at length about a new financial product, one that will make the bank a bundle of money. It is a variation on something the bank has done for years in the secondary mortgage market – packaging up mortgages and selling the bundles to investors. They call this new product the “Subprime Mortgage.” As an innovation consultant, what would your reaction be to both sides (the bank president and sales/marketing team)?
Scenario 3
The year is 1993. The regular use of the Internet is still in its infancy and its use as an e-commerce platform hasn’t yet been taken advantage of. Jeff is the owner of a small bookstore and his sales are starting to slide. Jeff knows that he needs to find an innovative solution to sell more books and thinks about using the new and unproven “Internet” to reach as many potential customers as possible.  As an innovation consultant, what would your reaction be to Jeff’s idea?

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