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Purpose and Rationale:
This assignment is intended to give you an opportunity to reflect on how you feeland where you are at as you end this course. Personal reflection is beneficial for multiple reasons:  

1.Personal reflection can facilitate growth and learning by strengthening your sense of connection to course content, deepening your sense of investment to the learning process, encouraging you to locate your feelings and process your experiences, and increasing your level of self-awareness.

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2.Personal reflection allows you to acknowledge your accomplishments and recognize the ways in which you’ve grown
and been marked by your intercultural communication journey.
3.Personal reflection can reveal aspects of yourself that you would like to change
for the better and it can encourage continued learning and engagement in intercultural communication.

4.By sharing your personal reflection, you can gain increased support and  accountability and your growth and learning can become even further enhanced. Consistent with these benefits, completion of this assignment will allow you to celebrate your personal progress in this course and encourage your continued growth, learning, and engagement in intercultural communication.

1)Write a 500-700-word personal reflection that addresses the bolded question
below and one or more of the other questions:

a)What have you learned about yourself after taking this class?

b)Now that you’ve taken this class, what feelings do you associate with
intercultural communication? How, if at all, has that changed from what you
felt before taking this class?

c)Which of your assignments (including discussion posts) where you most proud
of? Why do you feel that way? 

d)Which assignment stretched you the most? Explain your answer. 

e)Describe something important you learned from a classmate. Explain the
impact their sharing had on you? 

f)Describe something important that you shared with your classmates. What
impact do you hope your sharing had on them? 

g)Describe one thing you wish you could have done di
fferently in this course?

Grading will be based on the following:  
1) Fulfillment of assignment criteria
2) Formatting and writing mechanics
3) Depth and clarity of thoughts


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