Posted: June 21st, 2021

writing essay about 3 poems

write 6 page essay identifying a trend in the poems’ representation of a topic that is, how do these poets represent  “America” or “racial tensions” Once you have offered an interpretation of the poems’ representation of a subject, elaborate the trend’s significance: what can readers gain from recognizing and understanding the trend you identify? your thesis might sound something like the following: In poems a, b, and c, X is represented as Y, suggesting Z. Conclude by reflecting on the trend’s contemporary resonance.
-A Unifying Thesis that Identifies a Trend in the Representation of a Topic:
your thesis (X is represented as Y) should interpret the representation of a specific theme in at least 3 poems. you can look at multiple works by one author or works by several authors. formulate a thesis that holds true for each of the poems and for all of them collectively. 
-A Plausible Chain of Reasons with Convincing Support:
in the body of your essay, illustrate how each of the poems a, b, and c supports your thesis that X is depicted as Y, “showing” readers your interpretation first by quoting relevant key passages from the poems, especially key words and phrases, then by explaining how the examples demonstrate your thesis.
-A Thoughtful and Clearly Stated Purpose with Enlightening Reflection:
conclude your essay by elaborating the trend’s significance and cultural resonance. what do readers stand to gain by recognizing the trend you identify in poets offering similar representation of a subject like “America” or ” equality”? your reflection on the trend’s significance is part Z of your thesis and the reason for identifying the trend in the first place. this is the gem readers are seeking: a thoughtful conclusion such as ” The nation’s problem is not a failure of imagination, but of implementation” can be very rewarding for readers.

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writing essay about 3 poems
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