Posted: July 8th, 2021

Writing Assignment & Discussion


Over time rivals use their resources, capabilities, and core resources to form different value-creating propositions. Discuss why competitive advantages are not permanently sustainable. Explain why firms must maximize their current competitive advantage while simultaneously using their resources and capabilities to form new advantages. Include in your respond how Luke 14:28-30 guides us to maximize a competitive advantage by being a follower of Christ. Requirements: 250 words minimum

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Writing Assignment & Discussion
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Value chain analyses is used to identify and evaluate the competitive potential of a firm’s resources. Firms consider outsourcing when they cannot create value in a value chain activity or a support function. Discuss value chain analysis activity and the considerations for outsourcing. Requirements: 250 words minimum

Firms have both tangible and intangible resources. Firms that are successful on a global scale use both tangible and intangible resources wisely. They maximize the utilization of these resources. Discuss tangible and intangible resources and their impact with the strengths and weaknesses of a firm. Requirements: 
500 words minimum; APA format: a minimum of three peer reviewed references

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