Posted: June 1st, 2021

Writing Assignment: “Daughter from Danang”

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Watching the Movie at, names ” Daughter from Danang” and then following the requirements as the following shows:
Did Mai Thi Kim (Heidi’s biological mother) make the right choice when she decided to send her daughter to the United States? Why or why not?
Your essay should contain four paragraphs:
1) Introduction (on Monday, I will give you specific instructions on how to write it.)
2) Body (supporting) paragraph #1
3) Body (supporting) paragraph #2
4) Conclusion
The total length should be about 2.5 pages, with size 12 font. It should be double-spaced (which means skip a line so that I can write in corrections).  I will show you a model of this in class on Monday. At this level, I know you already know how to write an essay, but I will also go over the basic essay format as a review.
One requirement of this essay is that it must contain at least 7 conditional sentences:
1. 3 past-past unreal 
Example:  If Heidi hadn’t come to the US, she might not have gotten a high level of education.
2. 3 mixed-time unreal
Example:  If Heidi’s sister hadn’t asked her for money, they might be closer now.
3. 1 present-present (always true) real
Example:  If children are taken away from their birth parents at an early age, they usually experience trauma.
Each conditional sentence must be highlighted in yellow.
Another requirement is that you need to use at least six words from the AWL (the Academic Word List). I will be giving you the list on Monday, 3/11. We will go over the definitions and usages of each word in class. Please highlight each AWL word.

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