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Communication in the Workplace
Communication Analysis Essay and Discussion Assignment
Reference: Chapters 1 – 6
SELECT a topic from the sample choices. Read and analyze. Using your textbook for support!
· Typed 12 point font, Times New Roman
· Double spaced, page length will vary (approximately 3 pages)
· Stapled upper left-hand corner 
· Information used from our textbook or outside sources should be noted in-text in APA or MLA format along with either a Reference or Works Cited page. 
· If you use a direct quote, place quotation marks and in-text cite. 
· If you summarize someone’s knowledge and use your own words, and in-text cite it.
· If you are in doubt, cite it!!!!! 
· Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% of your essay response should always be your thoughts/words and 20% directly quoted. BUT REMEMBER, JUST BECAUSE YOU PUT IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS DOES NOT MEAN IT IS YOURS. YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT FOR THE IDEA! Cite, cite, cite, cite, cite!
· OWL PURDUE WRITING LAB is a wonderful resource and reminder of these tips and more. Check it out!
· Visit the ECU Writing Center for help with sources, organization and error check. If you are unsure about using sources correctly, seek help! Plagiarism is unacceptable. 
Your grade on this assignment will be based on your written and discussion response. Each area is worth 25 points for a total of 100. Each of the 4 areas will be assessed as either Excellent, Competent, Needs Improvement.  
Area 1:  Adherence to WRITING GUIDELINES
Area 2:  Style: grammar/punctuation/readability 
Area 3:  Organization/ Supporting examples and terminology utilized from the textbook for support
Area 4: Presentation individual summary-group discussion; Active participant/listener- group discussion
CHOICES! (In each choice, make sure that you search for a RECENT article. This means within the past 6-12 months.)
Managing cultural differences in the workplace can be challenging. Your task is to explore the difficulty of managing cultural differences in the workplace by reading an article on this topic.  If you have difficulty locating an article, contact an ECU librarian for assistance. After reading your selected article, answer the following questions:
· Give a brief overview of the article you read. Make sure to highlight any new beneficial principles/terminology used by this author or reference information from our textbook.
· What advice did you gain from this article? If not, why?  
· Describe a current workplace or classroom situation in which you have witnessed cultural differences as challenged. In your opinion, how could this situation be modified?
· Attach a copy of the article you utilized to the final copy of your essay.

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