Posted: May 28th, 2021

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Hello all, I am Tom and I am taking this class on my way to a bachelor’s degree in business management. I have only had a few classes here at Tiffin and am quite a bit away from completion. I am currently employed at a manufacturing facility in Elyria OH.
Structure plays a key role in the success of a company. There are many different choices and each one can work in different environments. A company’s structure can dictate how employees work and what type of employees will be attracted to work for the company, all of which will impact the effectiveness of the company.
I find that culture has a lot to do with how a company reaches, or does not reach, its goals. Culture can have a part in many aspects of a company including morale, productivity and attendance to name a few. All of these can positively or negatively impact the achievement of goals. 
Conflict, when handled properly, can have positive results in the workplace. Proper training in conflict resolution can lead to innovation and help spark new ideas. 
I cannot really pinpoint any one person that I would like to have dinner with. Perhaps just a political leader such as Reagan or Obama, not that this is a popular name, but maybe Hitler, just to ask how he was able to get so many people to buy in to his plan that caused so much destruction. Seeing as it is more current news, I would not mind eating with LeBron James so I could share my discontent about some of his most recent decisions. 
I look forward to the next several weeks with everyone. 

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Write a reply for the post below with a minimum of 150 words
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