write 1200 words about Critically Appraised Topics

This folder contains all information related to the assessment task 3- the individual Mini-CAT.
Students are requested to read carefully CEBMa’s guideline for Critically Appraised Topics (CAT) so they can understand what will be required of them for this mini-CAT assessment task. 

This mini-CAT is adapted from the official CEBMa Guideline for Critically Appraised Topics (CAT) in Management and Organizations and is therefore a diluted version of the CAT but with the hope of raising awareness among students of the necessity to critically assess the quality of the evidence or claim that they are supposed to accept without any question. The goal of the mini-CAT is to help you learn the steps involved in assessing “what is known about” an intervention, a phenomenon, problematic, claim or practical issue in scientific literature by using a systematic methodology to “search” for primary studies and “critically appraise” them.
Please read carefully the documents attached, which give all the details on how to tackle the mini-CAT. 

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write 1200 words about Critically Appraised Topics
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