Work Is a Blessing

In “Work Is A Blessing” by Russel Honore, he talks about how he found out that work really is a blessing. Living in a family of 12 children, he had to get a job and the age of 12, he complained about this job to his grandpa and dad. They told him that work is a blessing. It took him years to understand this statement. Russel attended college but he had to get a job to pay for it. The job at ROTC was a requirement at first, but later turned into a way of life.
Honore was in Bangladesh and saw a woman working. What really made him pay action to this woman was that she was breaking bricks with a hammer and she had a baby on her back. He asked his partner why they don’t get a machine to do that; and the men told him that if they did that the woman would lose her job and not have a way to feed her family. Honore then realized that to work is really a blessing. In this story he talks about how working is a great achievement, even if it isn’t best job.
Getting a job that anyone may not like is better than not having a job at all. I had a job as a cook and I didn’t like the job very much, but I just dealt with it. It was a starter job that helped me pay for a couple of things that I needed to help me get to college. I didn’t like the boss and didn’t like the coworkers but that didn’t change the fact that I was one person out of so many who got a job when I really needed one. According to Honore when people don’t have a job they are not free.

Which I believe he is right on this. Have you ever had a moment when you couldn’t buy something because you didn’t have money? Well, that just proves you’re not free. No matter what, in life anyone will have to pay for something. Honore retired from the Army but still works. He helps people to prepare for a disaster. He also plans on getting into a little farming someday. Honore says he will never stop working. Thought out Honore years he has learned to appreciate his father’s words.

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Work Is a Blessing
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