Women and Alcohol

One important problem that requires attention in the society is alcoholism.  Through the course of history, it had been noted that alcohol consumption had established prevalent stance in the society, which is mainly in relation to gatherings and social occasions.

Most cases of alcoholism are attributed to men rather than women. Limit of alcohol intake, though, defines the social issue on alcoholism. In this fast changing world, even women nowadays are binging in alcohol when there are occasions and during problems and distress. Too much consumption of alcohol leads to alcoholism. When abuse comes in, alcohol then becomes a threat not only to the person himself but to the community as well.

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Women and Alcohol
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Due to the fact that the issue on alcoholism covers every gender of the society both directly and indirectly, problems can be identified at different levels and subgroups.  The issue on alcoholism that threatens the women population is the main focus in this study.  The reasons that were viewed are in relation to shifting role of the women in the society.  They are now occupying roles of increasing importance.  This issue had generated concern due to more serious effects of alcoholism in women as compared to the male population as ascertained ailments and even death.
This paper aims to discuss the effects of alcohol in women as compared to men. A clearer understanding of how the physical, mental and social well being of women were affected by alcohol will be given. Further remedies and solution to the problem will also be tackled.
Identifying the components where recovery will be made possible is also given in the end. This includes the alcoholic individuals, their family and social network, the community and other related environment. Achieving health for the whole population is the key towards success and this can be done by overcoming the problem related to alcohol.
Alcohol as a threat to the physical, mental and social well-being
Many people nowadays consider alcohol as an important constant companion during social gatherings. People can be found drinking alcohol whenever there are occasions, parties and even on dates. Women are expected to take more care of themselves rather than men. On the other hand drinking alcohol in a moderate way has been a subject of controversy. This is because the physical and mental health has been put into test due to rampant alcohol drinking.
Attaining a physically fit body and a stabilized mind is now difficult for women who drink alcohol. It has numerous disadvantages aside from the temporary enjoyment that they received during socializations. Women are described as the weaker sex and this makes the situation harder as compared to men who are usual alcohol drinkers.
Drinking in moderate amounts during special occasions is not exactly harmful.  What actually poses as a problem is the tendency for people to abuse their drinking behavior. Seeking solution to the problem of alcoholism, thus, require the cooperation of every member of the society due to the fact that it is not only the alcoholics that become the target of the detrimental effects of alcoholism.
Alcoholism and its Symptoms
Alcoholism is considered as one health problem which has usual symptoms like loss of control, craving, physical dependence and tolerance.
Craving manifests in the constant and strong compulsion to drink. More often women wanted to feel a sense of equality with men. This will make their craving towards alcohol be the same with men. It results to loss of control by exhibiting lack of concept of limitation when alcohol is already in front of them.
Tolerance on the other hand is the need of the person to drink in bulk to get their groove. Once the physical and mental state is consumed by alcohol, physical dependence leaves the alcoholic with the withdrawal symptoms of sweating, anxiety or nausea if they are not able to drink for a long period.
These symptoms are the main reasons that can bring about problems in the family and society.  This is due to the fact that in their search for the probable solution, they tend to consider giving the alcoholics what they are craving for, thus, escalating the problem and intensifying the possible effects.
The tendency for men and women to be alcoholic is a genetic trait but there may be differences in the genes and psychosocial disposition involved. This can be related to the differences in not only the physical but also emotional and mental make-up that results into the varying reactions to particular stimulus.
The effect of alcohol on women drinker causes great concern due to the fact that it has tremendous effect in the family and in the society as well.  Women have an important role that consist of inculcating values to the family and weaken their role as the model in the family.


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