Posted: June 19th, 2021

Wk 5: DB

 question 1

The disaster recovery and business continuity plans both offer significant contributes to an organization’s recovery efforts. Briefly discuss the purpose and objectives of both plans and its similarities and differences. What about the issue of organizational availability? Address the issue of accessibility for both documents and provide recommendations an organization should consider to adhere to established policies. What impact will this have on confidentiality because each document is proprietary and house organizational specific information? Of the two documents, which would cause the most concern for an organization if its competitor were able to access its content? Would this cause a significant threat the organization? If so, explain. If not, explain. Address the issue of law enforcement involvement in recovery efforts. What impact would law enforcement involve have on an organization if their participation were made public? How should the organization handle this? Would the organization benefit from keeping the disaster and its impact on its operations internal to the organization? If yes, why? If not, why?

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Wk 5: DB
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question 2

Discuss the difference between a quantitative risk assessment and a qualitative risk assessment. What are the strengths and weaknesses with both? When would one be preferred over the other other?

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