Posted: June 5th, 2021

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is rated as one of the best places to study, work and live. The innate support for high tech industries, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) thrive under the ecosystem as setup by the government. New Zealand also comes with a great ecosystem for the tourism and adventure sports industries. The country boasts of having some of the finest culinary masters, hospitality experts and extreme sports adrenaline junkies.
Whether you are looking for a job as a fresher or as an experienced professional (with the required accreditation), New Zealand provides a plethora of options.
New Zealand is one of the safest countries to explore yourself with a diverse international population that is a part of a very vibrant multi-cultural society. You can review an archive of student experiences in New Zealand over here, on the New Zealand Government website,

One of the most important aspects of becoming an international student, is the “Student Experience”. As a part of our education system, Indian students are generally expected to forgo most extra-curricular activities and vacations in the pursuit of staying ahead. However, in New Zealand, as a part of your student experience, you will be encouraged to participate in local events, take part in cultural sports activities like Rugby, go on a break to some of the most serene beaches in the entire world. Who doesn’t want to go surfing while getting their Masters done right?
How to select the right University in New Zealand?
Here’s a list of the best ranked universities –

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Why New Zealand?
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University of Auckland: This is New Zealand’s largest and most comprehensive university with 40,000 + students, researchers and faculty. Whether you are looking for the latest courses on emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, CRISPR Genetics, this University has got you covered.
University of Otago: University of Otago comes with a rich cultural history of being NZ’s oldest and one of the most predominant universities. A 150 year old history with a groundbreaking alumni circle, University of Otago offers a unique experience like no other.
University of Canterbury: University of Canterbury boasts of some of the world’s best research programs for post graduates. Compounded with a very relaxed policy on Scholarships and an acute focus on placements and job fairs, University of Canterbury sits at the top of our list.
University of Victoria: University of Victoria focuses on creative thinking providing extraordinary environment to every student with fantastic exposure. University of Victoria also offers the world’s first indigenous law degree.
Massey University: Massey University has campuses in Auckland, Wellington, Manavatu, offers 67 undergraduate major, 89 programs and 1148 staffs.

The list above is not exhaustive, instead, it is to give you a taste of how an education in New Zealand could possibly change your life. Our admissions counselors are tied up with some of the best Universities in this country and ease of acceptance is purely on your ability to generate merit.
There’s a cornucopia of options when it comes to Universities here, from schools specializing in Medicine and Pharmaceutical research to Financial Engineering and Economic research, to Artificial Intelligence and Core Computer Science, Veterinary, Food Technology, NZ comes with a set of some of the world’s best universities, faculties, and thus students.
The question to be asked is, what would you like to make yourself into? With a widespread variety of options available for students to specialize themselves into the right industry, we advise you not to go with the social media trend or your neighbor’s suggestions, we encourage you to speak to us and people working in the industry, within NZ, so that you get the best expert opinion about these crucial steps.
Remember, this is a decision that could potentially transform your life, so please make sure you begin your decision making process from the right place at Manage My Education.
Some important links to get you started : – Talk to us to get started with a structured approach to selecting your overseas education, to ensure a low rejection rate and a high scholarship rate. – Learn more about how to convert your life as a student into a full time professional in NZ. – Contains a great tool for you to know about Skill Shortage and how you could possibly get a permanent residence in NZ – Browse through more of the world class universities in NZ.
Dear Reader,

The Universities in NZ are rated to be the top 3% in the world. It is only logical that your profile, application and merits must be within the same caliber. For years, we at Manage My Education have helped students position their profiles for Universities all across the globe.
It is our honest advice to you that, you contact us and avail our services to exponentially increase your chances to secure a great education and future in NZ. We encourage you to speak to our counsellors to get the right information before making a decision to move forward.

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