Why I Want to Become an Engineer

Each and everyone of us had our own particular desire and I believed that has been develop since childhood. Ever since I was a kid, I was amazed by the creation of the skyscrapers and outrageously styled buildings. I have always appreciated the large structures and buildings which have surrounded me and I have always had respect for the people who have been involved with the design and constructions of these buildings on such a large scale.
I kept wondering how people could construct such attractive and difficult creations. As I entered high school, my interests further expanded when I took studies in civil engineering and engineering drawing classes as it explain more about buildings. I know that to become a Civil Engineer I have to work very hard in college and get very good grades. Even though my SPM result was not that good but I was determined to redeem it.
I’m working hard to improve my grades in matriculation and I believe if someone in your company that have this kind of attitude to look for continous improvement to some extent it can be beneficial to your company. On my behalf, I think I deserve this scholarship because I am very hard working person. I put so much effort in anything I choose to do, or any task according to me. My goals in life are often high. I am a goal getter, so I will do anything to achieve my goals.

I think that the drive I have to succeed, and to express knowledge into the life of the ones coming behind me is one of many reasons why I deserve this scholarship. Besides, my parent is the middle class salary earner so by having this scholarship I can ease their burden. Lastly , I have think that civil engineering is an ideal field for me. I believe that I have the personal attributes and intelligence required to be a civil engineer. I also believe that I possess the work habits and drive to be a successful engineer. This is why I have chosen to pursue this as a career.

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Why I Want to Become an Engineer
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