Posted: June 24th, 2021

Why Educators Should Conduct Research

*Note: there are two parts to this discussion.

Initial Post: Post an initial response that addresses the following areas:

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Why Educators Should Conduct Research
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Part A:
Read the following articles about being a reflective practitioner:

“The articulated learning: An approach to guided reflection and assessment”
“The Role of Reflection in the Differentiated Instructional Process” 

Using information you gathered from the articles, provide an analysis of the following questions:

What does it mean to be a reflective practitioner?
Why should teachers be reflective?
How would you describe yourself in regard to being a reflective practitioner?

Part B:
Provide an evaluation of this question from Barth (as cited in the Phelps, 2008): “How much are you prepared to risk of what is familiar, comfortable, safe, and perhaps working well for you, in the name of better education for others?” (p. 122). Reflect on current practices and how you can be a reflective change agent. Think about the following questions:

How will you use research to improve your practice in order to facilitate student achievement?
What two areas of practice in your educational environment do you think need researching and why?

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