Why Companies Engage in Corporate Social Responsibility

Buss. Ethics Why do companies engage in corporate social responsibility? ~ Companies engage in CSR in order to maintain a business on track to do the right thing. However, there’s three reasons that keeps a business engage with CSR. Pragmatic, where the term “use power or loose it” is used , this mean that if businesses are not responsible certain advantages could be taken away. Ethical reason, is when businesses have a responsability to behave ethically, this mean that executives’ duty is to care about multiple stakeholders. The last reason is the strategic one, which is based identifying activities that can harm the business. . Do you believe that employees are more attracted and committed to socially responsible companies? Why or why not? Are you? Why or why not? ~Yes i truly believe so because they will be certain that the company stays on task and ethically manages situations. However, they will have in mind that they are working in an ethical environment and that they must work hard to keep it up that way. I know i will certainly be attracted more attracted to these companies because first of all, The social responsible environment will motivates me to do a good job. 3.
A number of organizations have robust sustainability sections on their internet sites. Pick two and highlight what they are doing regarding sustainability, as well as compare and contrast. Interface Global: http://www. interfaceglobal. com/Sustainability ~ This organization has considerable resolutions on 3 key areas; They are, +reducing footprint +designing and manufacturing innovative products with less enviromental and social impacts. +creating a culture with engaged employees with a share vision of sustainable businesses. • Wal-Mart: http://walmartstores. om/Sustainability/ ~ This organization is trying to make customers save money and help ensure a better world for generations to come. In order to do so they’ve set three aspirational sustainability goals: +To be supplied 100% by renewable energy
+To create zero waste +To sell products that sustain people and the environment Overall, both organization have something in common, which is trying to maintain a sustainable business and a good environment. 4. Read the Merck and River Blindness case. What is River Blindness and who are the stakeholders in the Merck case. The River Blindness case is a disease that is cause by parasitic worms that live in the small black flies that breed in the rivver of the countries if middle east, Africa, and LAtin America. When a person is bitten by one of these blaack flies, the larvae of the worm can entern the person’s body, reproduce and spread out causin the person itchiness and blindness. ~ The stackeholders for Merck are individual with disease, horses, Merck, and Merck scientists 5. Explain why socially responsible business is good business.

Social Responsible business is good business because Being socially responsible creates goodwill and a positive image for the business. Trust and a good reputation are some of the company’s most valuable assets. In fact, without these, a business can’t function. These important assets can be encourage by being socially responsible. However, it is crucial the right socially responsible program is plan for the business. When used properly, it will open up a countless of new relationships and opportunities. It will grow success and the company’s culture. It will become a culture that the company’s staff and the whole community will believe in.

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Why Companies Engage in Corporate Social Responsibility
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