Wheel of life

I feel that at this point in my life, I’m as ready as I can be. Having not gone to school for so many years have made me realize what potential I have lost. With all the advancements that is occur in today’s world with the availability of the internet and big corporations that is running most of the world’s operation. With such big company, there comes much vulnerability in the security system.
Looking back at September 11th, I realized that with all the security measures that was taken to prevent such incident failed and the unthinkable happened. Since then, technology and it’s security system have gotten stricter and more complicated, something that I feel that I’m very behind on how it all work and that only going back to school to learn about the technological advancements and how it works would help me better my chances as time goes on.
The class would challenge me In my thinking skills and my habits. It would develop me for form new habits and thinking skills to much my time with school and work more efficient, making me think In ways that I have not in a long while. Thus challenging me to become more develop as a person in today’s technical oral, with the understanding on how it works. By being successful and realizing what is needed to be accomplish In order to succeed In today’s world, one must be able to maintain a standard.

By examining my experience and how the world have since makes me understand that without a adequate education, It become much harder to succeed In today’s world. Not only for the reason that It will bring forth a certificate but it ready you for critical thinking and will develop you mentally as a person for later on life, helping you go on the road and building a strategy to become successful.

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Wheel of life
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