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paper What is the real deal with ADHD? Temple N. Bostic PSY 360: Survey of Mental Health Destiny Champion November 4, 2012 Abstract Many children today are beginning to fall under an umbrella or diagnosis of ADHD that tends to be the ’in’ thing for doctors to say is wrong with them. If a child is a little hyper or of task for any reason, they are said to have ADHD. Regardless of the underlying problems such as issues in the home, these children are placed on medication that many of them do not need, for a condition that the majority of them do not have.
At first it was just ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), but then they added the hyperactivity to it and everyone ran with it. That is not to say that there are not some children in the world that are truly suffering from this disorder, but the fact remains that those who are being medicated should be watched and monitored just a little more closely. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate the knowledge that I have learned from this course as well as life lessons. When you sum it all up, everyone wants to know: What is the real deal with ADHD?
What is the real deal with ADHD? The children of today’s era are afflicted with many different mental health issues that can cause problem within the family and at school. Regardless of the fact that some of these issues are a direct result from the life they are living at home or the rearing they had, it is the determination of how the problem will be addressed that is the factor of the environment. Some children are born with mental disabilities, while some have the traits that come out at a certain point in their childhood.

Regardless of when mental illness rears its head or the type it is, the fact is that they receive the proper treatment and counseling for the particular problem that they have. In the late 80’s, the diagnosis of ADD came on the scene to answer to the problems that children were having regarding their attentiveness in school as well as at home. Attention Deficit Disorder is characterized by inattentiveness, easy distractibility and often insomnia. While ADHD has the same symptoms with the addition of hyperactivity, ADD is the original diagnosis.
ADHD did not begin its reign until the mid 90’s when children began to show the symptoms of ADD, but with hyperactivity. Once this was taken into consideration and fully analyzed, ADHD was born and hit the diagnosis airwaves. Many people think that only children receive the diagnosis of ADHD, but in all actuality there are just as many adults that suffer from this disorder as well. Adult ADHD can be just as difficult as it is for the younger clients.
As an adult, there are the issues of trying to focus on the daily tasks of work, home and even family; this can become very trying when you are easily distracted, hyperactive at the wrong times and very inattentive. Some young people even carry the disorder from their teenage years into adulthood, when for some it usually begins to taper off or go away. References Hammerness, P. , Geller, D. , Petty, C. , Lamb, A. , Bristol, E. , Biedermont, J. (2010) Does ADHD moderate the manifestation of anxiety disorders in children?
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