Posted: June 4th, 2021

What is My Today’s Motto

My motto used to be; you can look pretty without being pretty. People used to ask me all the time what I mean by that. The reason why I used to say that is because used to be super insecure about my appearance. That should have been pretty rare for someone who cared about their clothes as much as did. Fashion and design were my escape, when I looked nice had all the confidence in the world, I just felt so much better about myself. I felt important. I never used to tell anyone what my insecurity was but recently I have learned and realized that everyone is insecure.
I believe that every life needs balance. That people should be well rounded and appreciate diversity. You should feel comfortable expressing yourself, which is really what fashion is all about. Some people try to tell us that clothes don’t matter. They try to tell us that inner beauty is more important than outer. We all would like to think that people care more about what’s on the inside, but that’s pretty far from the truth. How you dress says a lot about you. I do believe that everyone should respect their bodies. Eel very strongly that fashion is the easiest and most effective way to express yourself. Fashion can bring lives together. Everyone has insecurities at one time in their life, insecurities define us. But they are also a measure of our strength. The question I ask myself and others is: Can we overcome our insecurities and be proud of ourselves? Strength is our defense against the world. We need to be secure and realize we allow our insecurities to disturb our peace of mind. Feel like if you focus those insecurities on a passion or hobby your life will be more at peace.
You will feel more comfortable with yourself. It’s not easy to overcome insecurities. It took me awhile but I soon figured it out. We are all an abortion of society. Accepted by a few, judged by all, and rejected by most. All Of the following reasons to learn to love yourself for who you are. If you don’t love yourself nobody will. Life is full of contrasts. It has its ups and downs, rights and wrongs. It frequently fails to live up to our expectations, which is why we often at times feel disappointed.

There are going to be times that no matter how hard you try you just can’t accept yourself as you are. Even though you’re convincing yourself that you are good enough, it just doesn’t seem to work. That’s because society defines beauty for you. That doesn’t mean you are not. Everyone is unique in their own way. Some may say you’re adorable and mom might not. You can’t please everybody. If you are fat, you’re a glutton. If you’re thin, you’re anorexic. If you read, you’re a nerd. If you don’t, you’re stupid.
If you’re friendly, you’re fake. If you are silent, they call you rude. You just can’t do something without being labeled by the society. Labels are not important so don’t change yourself just because you don’t fit their standards of who you should be and what you should do. No one’s perfect, not even the people who tell you that you aren’t. Even if you put your heart, soul, skills and all you have in it, you will never find he perfection you are searching for because there is always a blemish in everything.
Fight the negativity of life that is bothering you and think positive all the time. So stop wishing to become someone else. Stop hating your body or your personality and love them instead. If you do, you will learn to appreciate others imperfections and eventually, you can also help them recover and discover the beauty they have within. My new motto is; always remember that you are special and different from them and that difference makes you who you really are. I hope whoever reads this understands where am coming from and takes this to heart.

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What is My Today’s Motto
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