Chapter Five:  This chapter focuses on the ways culture and artistic forms, both traditional and popular, reflect, maintain, and resist gender and systems of inequality and privilege. These cultural forms provide narratives through, and against which, individuals live their lives and frame meanings and messages about who we are, how we should live, and how society should be organized. Popular and literary culture, including virtual technologies, are “meaning making” and inform priorities, expectations, and necessities, creating contemporary myths that shape both society and people’s everyday lives in the U.S. and around the world. In addition, cultural forms perpetuate huge multi-million dollar industries that maintain the corporate control of contemporary U.S. society. This chapter addresses digital technologies including the Internet and mobile phone technologies, television, film, and popular music, as well as print media. The final section of the chapter focuses on art, classical music, and literature. 
Answer the following question fully in 5-7 sentences each:

What is meant by the “male gaze” as it relates to media and culture?
How are media and popular and artistic culture influenced by and through systems of inequality and privilege?
How has the Internet affected your life? What have been its positive and/or negative consequences in your everyday life?

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