week 8 PowerPoint


Week 8:  Capstone PowerPoint Presentation
The PowerPoint Presentation (Approximately 20 slides), is a summary of the Capstone Project, and is presented to a select group of organizational leaders/managers. The intent of the presentation is to alert this group to the organization’s identified need and your program proposal. The PowerPoint will include a clear and concise purpose statement, project implementation, analysis, and proposal, and a summary. Include notes in the Notes Section to explain your slides. Remember, this is a professional presentation and should not include unnecessary distractions, such as too many pictures or humor. Make sure the background selected for the PowerPoint does not impair audience viewing.

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week 8 PowerPoint
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Submit the PowerPoint Presentation. Be sure to cite all resources and provide a reference page for each source used. Review two additional student proposals and provide feedback on their presentation.
Refer to Presentation Template and PowerPoint Presentation Assignment Overview/Rubric.
Maximum 20 slides – not including title page, references or appendices.

Use the information attached.


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