Week 6 RAR 2

Watch the video, “Listen, learn…then lead” by General McChrystal as he talks about building a sense of shared purpose among people of many ages and skill sets.

Chapter 13 of Linden (2010) discusses how to use the web as a tool to add value to the organization by providing collaboration opportunities between stakeholders.

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Week 6 RAR 2
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After watching General McChrystal’s talk and reflecting on Linden’s opinions, consider a collaboration effort you may being engaged with currently, one you may be involved with in the future, or something fun in your personal life, i.e. bringing family member and friends closer together, etc.

Define what the matter is and how you can creatively use the resources of the Internet to engage collaboration. Be as creative as you can we your ideas. Share your thoughts and then do your own SWOT analysis to assess the value of your use of technology to enhance collaboration.

Be sure to respond to your class colleagues’ posts.


Linden, Russell M (2010). Leading Across Boundaries: Creating Collaborative Agencies in a Networked World (p. 257). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

McChrystal, S. (2011). Listen, learn…then lead. Retrieved from:


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