Week 6 Essay

For this scholarly activity, develop a supporting human  resource (HR) plan   for an organizational strategy. Research a company that has  undergone (or   attempted to undergo) a shift in organization or culture within  the past five   years. This shift must have been a result of innovation. Some  examples of   companies that have gone through this change are Apple, General  Motors,   Marvel,  Delta Airlines, Starbucks, Old Spice, J. Crew, CBS, Pabst Blue   Ribbon,  Nintendo, Converse, Lego, and Lacoste.

In  a paper of a minimum of three pages (maximum of four pages) of text,   describe  the organization or culture before and after the shift. Has the shift   been  successful (e.g., made the company more profitable or influenced the    employees to be more productive  employees more productive), or did the shift   fail? Explain your reasoning. You  are required to use at least one outside   source to support your explanation.  Your scholarly activity submission should   be formatted in accordance with APA  style.

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Week 6 Essay
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