Posted: June 18th, 2021

Week 5 Discussion Due 11/3 Saturday 4pm EST

 How would your business work in term of operations (production, inventory control, distribution, customer service, research and development, etc.)
Discuss the implications of technology in your company’s operations.

Consider the areas below as you address these questions. Condense the key information in two solid paragraphs focusing on the specific information pertaining to your NAB Company.

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Week 5 Discussion Due 11/3 Saturday 4pm EST
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Describe the day-to-day functions of your company. How will you run your business? Consider the following areas:
1.      Facilities
2.     Production process: how will you produce the product
3.     Inventory control- how much inventory you will have
4.     Distribution- how will you distribute the product
5.      Customer service- how will you handle customers and returns
6.     Research and Development- how will you improve the product and how will you continue to search for new combinations/ flavors
Check out Chapter 11- operations for information, worksheets, and a sample plan for ideas
1.      What do you use technology for and how? (database management, inventory system, phones,     cloud)
2.     Discuss technology in the production process, or operations overall
3.     Discuss technology in other areas of business (administration, R&D)
4.     Hardware, software, telecommunications

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