Posted: June 20th, 2021

Week 5 Discussion 2

To prepare for this Shared Practice, select one of the following options, based on the two course level outcomes below, which you will use to frame and analyze this week’s reading assignment in The Goal:
Analyze a complex value creation system using management concepts. 
Apply systems thinking to address challenges and opportunities managers encounter
Then, select three or more short passages from this week’s assigned readings in The Goal that contain one or two essential ideas that you found compelling. Analyze each using the Course Outcome you selected as a framework.  (Note: Part one of The Goal outlines the various performance problems that the Bearington plant is having, so feel free to practice your systems thinking skills to explain why the plant is having such difficulties!  Either course learning outcome above will allow you to do this.)

For this Shared Practice, write a 3- to 4-paragraph essay in APA Format. Identify the Course Outcome you selected and the passages from Part 1 of The Goal . Explain why each passage you chose is relevant and important in effective business management. Justify your response and include citations for each passage.

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Week 5 Discussion 2
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