Week 4 Writing Assignment

Mary is the manager of your small business. When she was hired, you specifically instructed her to follow all relevant labor, employment, and anti-discrimination law to avoid problems.  You have just been contacted by your attorney and advised of the following issues. 
You prepare for your meeting with Mary. For each of the issues identify the problem or potential problems that may occur, the relevant law or legal theories, ethical problems and what action should have occurred.

Mary has hired her sister, Denise to work as the accountant for the business.
It is reported that Denise runs Mary’s personal errands during work hours and provides an advance copy of the monthly reconciliations and expense sheets to Mary before providing them to you. 
During interviews, Jason complained that he was asked about his sexual orientation.
John says he was hired as a truck mechanic but all he does is pack boxes and has never worked on a truck.
Cheri says she explained that she could not lift a 50-pound box from a standing position but could do so from a sitting position.  Cheri has repeatedly asked Mary for an accommodation over the last 6 months but has yet to receive it. 
Susan has filed a complaint about Dominick saying he assaulted her when working late one night.  You find out that Dominick was hired without reference checks and it seems that he had a similar problem with a previous employer.

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Week 4 Writing Assignment
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For maximum points, please be sure to support your opinion in two full pages with facts from the textbook, research or resources along with citation of those sources.

Requirements: APA Format, 12 pt Font, & Times New Roman


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