Week 4 senior capstone

W4 Assignment: The Design of a Component of the IT Solution
Continue to build the IT solution. Discuss  your accomplishments and any challenges the project encountered in the  weekly progress report. Include the following in your Capstone document.

Software Application:Design the system explaining how it works using an UML design diagram. Include the Graphical User Interface.
Website Design:Design the website system explaining how it works using wire frame diagrams.
Database Design:Create the SQL statements to create each table in the database. Create a calculated field, and a trigger, or stored procedure.
Network management system:Create the components of the Network management system. Discuss the implementation plan for the Network management

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Week 4 senior capstone
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Submit your capstone project document and weekly project report

On a separate page i need this question answered.
 Discuss and post one of the design diagram created to outline the IT  solution you will provide (package diagram, nodes and locations diagram,  design class diagram, sequence diagram, database schema, user interface  screen and reports, system security and controls, or communication  diagram). 


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