week 4 discussion -MGT2037 Principles of Management SU02

Week 4 
For planning, organizing, and controlling functions of management to run smoothly, and for the organization to exist as an entity, we need to communicate.
Communication within organizations poses several obstacles and there are different ways in which communication can be optimized. Communication is the nervous system of any organization. Just as the nervous system controls the different activities in the body, communication within an organization and with its external environment ensures the success of its planning, organizing, leading, and controlling functions. An examination of the factors that can improve the effectiveness of teams are important for setting goals and the success of organizations today because organizational planning and culture are interlinked; that is, how the process of planning affects the culture of the organization and vice versa. Additionally, we will look closely at the leadership function that is the most difficult to fathom, categorize, and describe. We will also study existing leaders and their approach to leadership because leadership is founded on trust and it’s important to examine the relationship of trust between a leader, its followers and its applicability.
Your Learning Objectives for the Week:

Critically assess the relationship between leadership, leadership styles, the development of trust, teamwork, and the effective use of teams.
Analyze communication challenges and the decision-making process to provide recommended solutions using professional communications.

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week 4 discussion -MGT2037 Principles of Management SU02
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