Week 3 Discussion – Mission Statements

Week 3 Discussion – Mission Statements
After completing this week’s Readings and Resources, respond to the following questions.
Since most of you have been teaching in or were previously connected to the school where you are completing your internship, you have had ample opportunity to observe the staff and school procedures as they relate to the school mission statement. You have already looked at the mission statement in Reflection One in this program. Now, as you look at the school from an administrator’s point of view, once again reflect on the school’s mission statement.

Is it accurately describing how what you offer at your school is lining up with your educational goals?
Would you suggest changes or modifications in the statement? If so, briefly describe those modifications and your reason for suggesting them.
If you believe the mission statement is accurate, mention how often the mission statement is reviewed and when it was last modified. Is this done in a timely manner?
What other suggestions would you make in regard to the school’s mission statement?

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Week 3 Discussion – Mission Statements
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Your initial response is due by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday and should be between 200-250 words. The initial posting should be a statement of your point of view on the question, supported by the required readings. 


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