Week 3

I need this assignment done you will have to watch a video in order to do the interview everything in APA style no plagiarism at all must be in my own wording. 
Educational Impact (EI) non-narrated videos
YouTube classroom videos
Phone interview of educator or faculty member These are the three resource you have to use for this intervention assignment 
Wk 3 – Observation and Interview [due Mon]
Assignment Content

Locate an early childhood setting, from birth to age 8, for the purposes of observing children with exceptionalities and interviewing the teacher.

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Week 3
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Conduct two separate observations and interviews. Each must total at least one hour combined. One observation and interview must be in an early childhood setting that serves children from birth to preschool. The other observation and interview must be in an early childhood setting that serves children from kindergarten to third grade.

Examples of appropriate early childhood settings include, but are not limited to, the following:

Special education classroom
General education inclusive classroom
Gifted and talented classroom
Speech and language classroom
Head Start program
Early learning center
Private intervention agency
Write a 350- to 700-word summary that compares each of the early childhood settings you observed.

Include the following in your summary:

Identify and describe the client or student population.
Describe the types of services available for clients or students.
Describe the staffing (number, types of positions, and student-to-teacher ratios).
Describe any instructional or behavioral modifications observed in the classroom.
Describe types of technology and how they facilitate the learning environment.


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