Week 2 discussion 1 Student Motivation and Technology

This discussion provides an opportunity to evaluate a variety of digital and assistive technologies for supporting diverse learners. Based on the required readings from Housand & Housand (2012), McCombs (2000), and Page (2002), you know that research shows that effective technology integration can support student motivation, engagement, and interest in learning. Furthermore, research has shown that through thoughtful integration of audio, video, and other media, instruction can be differentiated, ultimately increasing a student’s motivation to learn. To explore this research, in this discussion you will analyze how technology integration can be used as a method of intervention to meet the needs of diverse learners. To prepare for this discussion, review the Week Two Instructor Guidance and the Required Resources for the week. Next, access either The Teaching Channel (Links to an external site.) or Edutopia (Links to an external site.) and conduct a search using the key words “using technology for learning motivation” or similar. Select one video that can inform your response to the discussion points below. If for some reason you are unable to support your response to this discussion using the video option, please contact your instructor for an alternative way to complete this discussion.
Initial Post: Respond with an initial post that includes the following components:

Provide      a link to the video you viewed and a succinct description of the video’s      focus, such as the grade and/or ability-levels of students, the      educator(s) involved, and the subject being taught (e.g., science or      language arts).
In      at least one paragraph, describe how the technology is being used in the      video and describe what you observed in the video that informs you that      students’ motivation is increased or otherwise supported due to the use of      the technology.
Next,      succinctly describe how the use of the technology promotes students’      engagement during the learning process.
Finally,      describe the extent to which the use of technology and its motivating      factors outweighs the potential challenges the educator might face in      acquiring the technology and learning how to effectively implement it.

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Week 2 discussion 1 Student Motivation and Technology
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