Posted: July 5th, 2021

week 1 NR533

Week 1: Touchpoint Reflection: Healthcare Systems’ Financial Environments
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Guidelines for Touchpoint Reflections
Touchpoint Reflections: This is a new type posting that occurs in the same type portal as the discussion thread. However, these are treated as “mini”-weekly assignments”. You will be able to see and read the posts of peers but are not required to respond to them. However, if someone responds to your TPR, replying their post is always the collegial thing to do. Your grade is not affected either way.
There are specific formatting and content guidelines. Remember to use the headings as defined to address each section, Experience, Reflection, Implications, in your responses. A downloadable version of the guidelines, which includes further information, is available for access below.  You are encouraged to download these guidelines and rubric to avoid the need for referring back to this page for the link.

Touchpoint Reflection Guidelines (Weeks 1-3, and 8)
Touchpoint Reflection Rubric (Weeks 1-3, and 8)

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week 1 NR533
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Understanding how your organization is reimbursed for services depends on several components. Assess your organization and identify its care delivery system and payer mix make up. Include percentages represented by each payer group. Identify the key people in your organization from whom you obtained your information. Perhaps it is your unit director, operational directors, financial officers, CNOs. Your direct supervisor might be able to point you in the right direction, Since the information required is often available to the public through public reports you might also access the information through online searches of internal systems or external internet searches.
NR533 Week 1: Touchpoint Reflection Experience Table (Links to an external site.)
Your Name’s Healthcare Organization
Healthcare Delivery System (Type)
Payer Mix
Managed Care
Based on this data, discuss the assumptions that could be made about the population demographics for your institution. What influence do these variables have on the types of services offered at your facility?

What might your analysis tell you about the long-term health of your community?
What future needs might be identified?

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