Wedding in India essay

In India, there is no greater family event than a wedding. In the preparation and conduct of the wedding, the complex installations of Indian social systems are best shown. In India, marriage is a sacred duty that entails religious and social obligations. The process of choosing a bride and groom is very long, painstaking, complicated and incredibly interesting. In India, marriages are almost always arranged by parents or senior family members. Religion, community, caste and socio-economic status are given much attention in marriage ownership.
The Indian wedding is fascinating, starting with a religious ritual, ending with a feast. Particularly interesting fact in the selection of brides: after the interaction of the two families, when compatibility horoscopes are verified by a family priest, the bride and groom can meet for a short date in the presence of one of the family members and exchange a couple of phrases, when in the parents’ view their compatibility in all the relationship is established, only then will the discussion of style and manners, requirements and amenities that will be provided by each party in the wedding ceremony. The dates of the ceremony and marriage are selected with a favorable date of time, as shown by the Hindu Monthly Calendar, this is established and resolved mainly by the groom’s family.
The main ceremony during the marriage is seven swearing circles around the fire and after the sail, which are performed by the bridegroom with the bride before the priest who constantly recites the prayers fastened between the bride’s shawl. It ends when the bridegroom puts on the bride’s necklace and places red ceremonial powder in the straight section of her hair.

In India, the party of brides is paying a heavy price in offering expensive gifts, dowry that can last throughout the life of marriage! Often, the groom’s family presents a list of necessary gifts, of course, the needs depend on the financial situation of the families.
Many couples realize that they barely know each other and that they have never had the opportunity to date before the wedding, or that they are absolutely inappropriate for each other by sexual temperament. Young people walk the wedding to their feet, practicing the sexual side of the relationship, and girls find it more difficult because they need to strive for innocence for the man. There are very rare cases where the wife betrays her husband. Mostly Indian women are patient and endure all the humiliation, beating by their husbands, silently doing housekeeping and raising children. But no matter what, Indian women are very confident.
Divorce in India is considered a shame, so divorce is rare. Spouses tolerate each other because of children, who because of greed, do not want to divide those who are afraid of talking in society.
According to statistics, arranged marriages in India are stronger than marriages. Very often, love marriages break up, naturally not without the “help” of one or another family’s parents.

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Wedding in India essay
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