Website Critique Project2 (Due March 27,2019 5pm EST)

For an overview of this project, see the Project Overviews module.
Next, browse through the site. In a paper, address the topics listed in the attachment below.  Remember to save all of  your work as each week builds on the previous week’s work to establish a  complete understanding on the website critique process. No need for you  to restate the previous week’s work in what you are submitting.  Pick  up from where you left off.
The paper should include:

A review of how the website addresses the topics outlined in the Website Critique assignment link;
Your opinion of how well the website handles the topic areas; and
Insight on how the website could be improved in the topic areas.
*Explain how you will apply or address these issues in your own layout.

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Website Critique Project2 (Due March 27,2019 5pm EST)
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Week 2 Website Critique Project.doc
 Feel free to include screen shots to illustrate your ideas where  relevant, and be sure to include a link to your site. Your responses  should be written in a narrative style rather than in a numbered list.

2-3pgs APA format 


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