Posted: June 5th, 2021

Web publising and principles

After reading chapter2.pdf (Web Publishing Fundamentals), compose an APA formatted style research paper using the bulleted topics below: 

List and explain the advantages of web publishing over print for your website design.
Identify the basic design principles that help webpages deliver a powerful message and   leave a distinct impression that may be used in your website design.
Discuss how responsive web design principles can influence your web design.
Discuss the role of branding in promoting unity and maintaining visual identity. What is your brand?
Definechunked text and discuss reasons for using chunked text to create scannable   web content. Will chunked text be valuable to your website design?
Explain the role of color as a web design tool.  How would you use color as a web design tool for your website?
Explain how to incorporate UX into the web design.  Will it fit into your web design?
Briefly discuss each of the following web publishing issues for your website.

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Web publising and principles
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Legal and privacy concerns
Usability and accessibility

Be sure to provide in-depth evidence to support your decision.  Remember to support your opinion with factual information.

The paper must following the formatting guidelines in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010), (6th ed., 7th printing), and contain a title page, five scholarly references, three to five pages of content, and a reference page. In addition, the paper will be submitted through Turnitin.

Notes: My website is about selling products online. Example : Amazon, e-bay, etc

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