In a well-thought out and well-written Response Paper of approximately 600 words, please discuss either A, B, or C,  (identify which Prompt you are responding to).

Be sure to include at least three quotations from the text you are referencing, and use in-text, parenthetical citations. (Only from “Discourse on method and meditations on first philosophy”) link attached below

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A. We have seen that Descartes distrusts the senses as sources of knowledge because they encourage false opinion. What are his skeptical arguments and what does he propose in their stead to guarantee knowledge? Please refer at least briefly to his three arguments–from illusion, from insufficient coherence (dreaming), and from deception.

B. Discuss Descartes’ dualist explanation for the interaction between the separate and distinct substances of mind and body. Include the details of Descartes’ argument that the mind is the essence of the human being and that it exists separately from the body. Be sure to invoke the challenge brain physiology, AI research, etc. make to Descartes’ view that we are essentially, incorporeal “thinking things” that are indivisible, and consider the question of whether or not consciousness can be “downloaded to” machines (lacking embodiment).

C. Discuss criticisms of the “trademark argument” (that our minds are inscribed with the idea of God because the idea of God came from God [because effects much have as much “reality” as their causes]).

Discourse on method link: https://www.slideshare.net/desmond433/pdf-download-discourse-on-method-and-meditations-on-first-philosophy-4th-ed-full-book


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