Vaccination impact on pediatric clients


Vaccinations seem to be an ongoing controversy in pediatric family nursing. In health care, is important as a nurse to give families autonomy regarding their child’s health. 
1. In 200 words explain why it is important to give parents the autonomy to vaccinate their children from a religious, health and cultural perspective? 
2. In 200 words explain what impact a parent’s decision to not vaccinate their children would have on the population? 
3. In 200 words explain how the nurse should handle a family that has an opposing point of view regarding vaccination
4. In 200 words do you think it is ethical if a physician would turn down taking a new patient into their practice or dismiss a family from their practice if the family chose not to vaccinate? Why or why not? 
5. In 200 words explain ways the nurse can help to optimize the health of pediatric patients, whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated?
6. In 200 What steps can nurses take to educate and persuade clients to vaccinate their children? What is the public health impact? 
Use at least 3 reference to support your statement. 

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Vaccination impact on pediatric clients
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