US government essay

The first essay

due at 11:59pm Sept. 22 (posted online with a hard copy brought to the
next class)
​This critical thinking exercise will look to encourage you to analyze the
structural and practical aspects of American politics. As we investigate the founding of the American political system it is important to understand how it functions, both the mechanics and in practice. Please pick an policy you would like inact and describe how you would make this policy part of the US government. Some examples of questions you might ask yourself are: Would you want to pass it as a law or a constitutional amendment? What allies
(politically or financially) would you need to make? Would you try to attract one party or the other? Would this policy most likely succeed utilizing grassroots or corporate support? Etc
Make sure to check your policy proposal with me before writing your essay.
~750 to 850 words
~briefly propose why? 
~how are you going to pass the policy? 
~how you are going to raise the $? 
~who are you going to work with to make this happen?  

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US government essay
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