Community Assessment
Chapter 11, “Public Health Policy,” pages 206–232.
Goodship, J., & Cope, S. (2001). Reforming public services by regulation: A partnership approach [PDF]. Public Policy and Administration, 16(4), 34‒46.
Kaehne, A., & Taylor, H. (2016). Do public consultations work? The case of the social services and well-being (Wales) Bill. Public Policy and Administration, 31(1), 80‒99.
Verschuere, B. (2009). The role of public agencies in the policy making process: Rhetoric versus reality [PDF]. Public Policy and Administration, 24(1), 23‒46.
For your first project assignment, you will be conducting a community assessment.
Begin by providing an overview of the community in which you live (large or small, urban or rural).  Then, complete the following:

Identify community demographics, including social, ethnic, and cultural diversity.
Use local papers and other media to identify and describe two social change concerns appropriate to the community.
Identify the main actors (different ones for each concern) who may be involved in participating in a policy development process to address the concerns. 
Identify the potential implementing actor (for-profit organization, non-profit, or government) or the combination of actors for each concern.
Draft a statement of public policy for each of the two social change concerns you have identified for the community, taking into consideration public policy elements. Refer to the resources in your Social Policy Toolbox for developing these statements.

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Assignment Requirements

Page Length: 3–5 double-spaced pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Formatting: Present your paper in APA format. 
Written communication: Written communication must reflect graduate-level writing skills and successfully convey the message.

Reference the resources provided in your Social Policy Toolbox as well as the assignment scoring guide to help you complete this assignment.


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