Posted: May 28th, 2021

unit VI pp

 As discussed in the lesson, the following two topics are crucial to each organization: the evaluation process, and the discipline process. There needs to be clear policies and procedures when it comes to both evaluations and discipline. While each may be different in fire departments throughout the United States, the one thing they have in common is the desire to help improve employee performance and keep behavior aligned with the organization’s expectations. After completing the assigned reading, you will need to develop an informational PowerPoint presentation that will fully explain both processes to a class of new recruits in your department. The components below need to be included. Discuss examples of forms and policies in place for both the evaluation and discipline processes. Identify forms and policies currently used within both the evaluation and discipline processes. Elaborate on issues within both processes. Propose recommendations and/or solutions to combat issues plaguing both processes. Upon completion of the presentation, the new recruits should have a good understanding of both processes and how they affect them as they move from recruit to probationary status within your organization. Your presentation is to contain at least 12 slides, not counting the title or reference slides. Remember to use APA citations for facts, ideas, and all pictures or graphics used from a specific source. 

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unit VI pp
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