Posted: June 22nd, 2021

Unit Journal

I’ve attached the writing assignment in which I will be revising

In this unit’s Writer’s Journal, spend time practicing saying why your writing matters. Thinking about the piece you are currently revising for Revision Project 2, choose two of the following prompts and write a 100-200 word paragraph for each. Turn in your two paragraphs as this unit’s Writer’s Journal.

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Unit Journal
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Connect your writing to a larger context, either by explaining how your writing fits into a critical conversation or by connecting your writing to current events or historical trends.
Examine the consequences. If you are making an argument in favor of a certain change, spend time explaining what might happen if your ideas are not accepted.
If you are writing a personal narrative, “zoom out”to show readers what they can learn from your experience.
If you are writing a purely informative report, include an introduction or conclusion that explains why the subject is important to understand.
Come up with an extended “real-world” example. Show how your ideas might play out in the world of business, politics (local, state, national, or global), personal finance, interpersonal relationships, education, or your own local community.
Connect your ideas to an unexpected subject.For instance, if you are analyzing an argument made by another writer on the subject related to business marketing, consider showing how that writer’s ideas contrast with accepted ideas about communication, economics, or psychology.
Show how your ideas compare, conflict, or contrast with things you have been taught in school. Make explicit connections with your other coursework, perhaps by taking a concept you have learned in one class and applying it to another.
Engage with conflicting points of view. Especially in argumentative writing, taking the “other side” seriously can be a way of not only earning credibility, but also showing your readers why it matters.
Name your audience. Write a paragraph or two explaining exactly who should care about your subject and why.
Describe why you care about your subject. Passion can be contagious. If you can depict your enthusiasm for your subject, then many readers will feel that enthusiasm, too.

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