Unit 5 DB

Unit 5 DB
Quality Assurance and Patient Protection in Health Care Informatics
Deliverable Length:  Substantive initial and responding posts
Assignment Objectives
Explain the merits and attributes of information system within a healthcare organization and the expectations of these systems in response to federal, state and local policies and the protection of patient records.
Assess the operational support provided an organization through forward facing user interfaces and permitted data access.
Plan system design changes from a user/department perspective that enhance operational performance, customer support or data mining research.
Differentiate between Mainframe, Mini-computer and PC Networks and the advantages each bring to centralized and distributed processing.
Compose an operational plan to roll data or application’s functionality to another platform or application.
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Assignment Details
Based on your past experiences and the knowledge gained during your coursework, consider the following question, and post a substantive initial post:

What would happen if all health care organizations were required to adopt an electronic health record system? How would this affect efficiency, privacy, data storage, ease of record access, and cost? 

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Unit 5 DB
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