Unit 3 Assignment (Due Today)

After receiving your briefing of the threat analysis, the Executive  Board has an increased interest in your security program. The CEO has  asked for an overview of your plan for implementing the fixes to the  problems. You advise that risk management is a continuous process but  offer a briefing on the framework and some of the immediate “fixes” that  will be implemented in the initial projects.
Based on your research for Unit 3:

Explain the overall RMF process to the board and how it will improve security overtime.
Select the categorization of the corporate network using the  Low-Moderate-High impact levels for confidentiality, integrity, and  availability and brief that decision to the board.
Give some examples of planned fixes to improve security for those areas.
Explain how this effort will require financial and organizational support.
Explain how the impact levels selected for categorization will aid in resource allocation.

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Unit 3 Assignment (Due Today)
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The requirements for your assignment are:

1-2 page APA paper excluding title and reference pages
Provide at least two references and in-text citations in APA format
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