Underlie Essay

What values underlie your desire to help others? The value that I feel that underlies me to help others Is my ability to put people first, as In being able to put my feeling aside so I would be willing to be there for them. For example my father was dating a woman that I felt was a woman after his pocket, she lied a lot and was a fake.
But besides how I felt about her my father loved her and he new how I felt about her, but I stood by him and was respecting his wishes. Now If she was putting him In harm’s way then I would have to step up and something. 2. Which client behaviors would you have trouble accepting? I would have a hard time accepting a mother who has abounded her child for their to have a child in their lives to give them love and support.
This is very personal to me, as a child left on the front door of their father’s house with a white trash bag by y mother at the age of 11 is very hard to understand especially since I am a mother now and there is no chance I could do that to my own child. 3. What would you like to accomplish in human services? I would like to accomplish a lot in human service; first I would like to help as many children as I can, give them a good home with a happy family. Being able to make a person or child smile is my main goal, help them in their lives in any way I can.

My main mission is to be there for the worst and turn that situation upside down into a better situation. 4. How do you go about solving personal problems? Solving the problem is based on the situation, one thing I always follow is get all of the facts, hear both sides of the stories. But once you have lied and crossed me, it is hard to build my trust back. Solving personal problems is hard at times but there is always a solution to a problem so I never give up until I find that answer.

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Underlie Essay
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