two page presentation with 2 question .

about same article u wrote about :
here is 
Hurtado, S. et al.(1998)Enhancing Campus Climate for Racial/Ethnic Diversity through
Educational Policy and Practice. Review of Higher Education, 21(3), 279-302.

here is some instruction  from my Dr :Focus on explaining the core arguments/principles of the piece, including an analysis of how the arguments are constructed, evidence, and audience. Be sure to include an analysis of how the book intervenes in its respective discipline, noting that it may be an interdisciplinary work. Focus on developing your own lingering questions?  What questions do you have that may be connected to your research and practice that you would like to pose to the group?  Avoid focusing too much on autobiographical details and focus instead on how those factors may or may not be relevant to the the ideological implications of the author’s work. 
please use easy word as u can  and follow the instruction.

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two page presentation with 2 question .
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i will upload my find thought please look at it  


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