Posted: July 7th, 2021

TTR Period

They took control of the production of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and mace. Due to this, the Dutch profits skyrocketed and they had a strong centralized control over the Indonesian islands, and were also strategically laced near China for trade purport nineties. Jamestown, Virginia being est.. In America; Thirty Years War used starting in late 16th century when slaves were Of use in the Atlantic region plantation complex The social set up of the way slaves were treated in society is known as the plantation complex.
The complex was the agricultural system based in Brazil, North America, and the Caribbean. The system had slaves working under their masters, usually to harvest crops and bring in more profits for their master at free labor. Conflict between Ottoman and Safaris Empires; McHugh empire under Kafka Politically) 6181648 Thirty Years War This war between Rise of Catholic and Protestantism protestant states completely split Europe apart, as well as it being one of the most devastating European conflicts in history. 6005 Outage unites Japan The once feudal State Of Japan was united by Outage around this time. Some people say that this saved Japan from being taken over as other small island states had been. China got screwed over by silver trade 1500516005 Colonization of the Americas Americas lead to a mass dying out of peoples and paved the way for European do menace Atlantic slave trade in the continent.
More Political(Ally) 16801760 King unification of China The unification during the King dynasty was an eighty year military effort to solidify China into an empire. The reason for this was largely security precautions to prevent another Mongol cone guest of China. Second Ottoman Empire siege of Vienna; High point of Slave Trade: European enlightenment; Wars of Islamic Renewal in West Africa 1 598 The Edict of Antes Henry IV issued the Edict of Antes to alleviate some of the tension between the Catholics and the Protestants.

The purpose of this was to stop the brutal massacres and battles. It offered mom leniency for the French Protestants in hope that they would return to the Catholic Church and end this religious “war’. Jamestown is established as the first English settlement in North America; French colony in Quebec established; missionaries expelled from Japan Map: represents fur trade Interaction w/ the Environment(Ally) ca 1500 1600 Fur Trade The “World Hunt” was an economical and ecological turning point in the Americas.

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TTR Period
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