Posted: May 28th, 2021

Try A New Activity

 Please research a fitness activity of your choice on the internet – that you have never tried before (or have very little experience in). It can be anything like: Running, Swimming, Zumba, Spinning, Weight Training, Hiking, Skiing, Rope Jumping…etc.  Please try to avoid using “Walking” as it is generally not a NEWactivity for us. 
Assignment Part 1: When you research the activity, try to find:
1) the benefits of that activity,
2) drills to better yourself in that activity
3) basic concepts of how to do the activity.
Part 2:
Participate in the activity yourself! Go take a water exercise class at Laney or the rec center, or follow an online workout program, go for a hike, or try some running drills from online.
4)  Then you need to Post your Reaction to what you thought about the activity and then cover some basics about the 3 points listed above that you researched.
Note: this Discussion is to help YOU find new ways to improve your fitness… it will not work if you do not ACTUALLY DO the activity. Many students have found new activities they love after this assignment…. take the time to try it – not just try to “answer the question”.

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Try A New Activity
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