Posted: June 20th, 2021

Transforming Organizations—-10 to 12 page ( I like “Tesla” or “space X”)

This project is devoted to the integration of the topics of the entire course.  The objective of this assignment is to put yourself into the shoes of a practicing leader from a real-life organization, reveal her/his dilemma, define goals for change & transformation, and prepare a working plan for change. The paper should be 10 – 12 pages (not including references, abstract, and cover page), and must be written in a business writing style.  If your paper than 12 pages, that is fine as I am never firm on length and enjoy reading your fine work.

It is important to keep in mind that this course deals with organizational transformation, and many organizations are facing the painful reality that they are not keeping up with the demands of the global, or even national, marketplace.  The most blatant examples of forced transformations have come from technology companies – many of whom have been finding it difficult to keep up with continuous changes in their industry.  Other companies, however, that deal with more traditional products, like clothing, cosmetics, and various health care products, have also been challenged by the changing times.  Today, companies like Macy’s, K-Mart, Sears, Hewlett Packard, Zales, and Barnes & Noble are just a few that are in need of or facing transformation.
Choose a company that would benefit from transformation – one that you are either professionally familiar with or that you have heard about in the news.  Use the following structure to help organize your thoughts and your findings.
PART 1: Case description (Investigation stage):
Define the dilemma:

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Transforming Organizations—-10 to 12 page ( I like “Tesla” or “space X”)
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Who: key decision maker/leadership team
What: nature of the dilemma, decision to be made 
Why: how did this issue arise? Why is this a problem?
When: time anchors 
Where: company/case location 


The background information about the organization or event puts the reader into the middle of the situation and helps the reader see the complexity of the situation and available options.
Background information on the company, industry, region, or country (if relevant), may be necessary to provide the context for understanding the case situation, and its political, economic and/or cultural constraints.

The story presented from the decision maker’s point of view

chronological account
quote principals (others who are affected by or involved in the decision)
present the options being considered and their importance

Conclusion (wrap up): Direct the reader’s attention toward the appropriate analysis

Frame the dilemma…
Restate the unresolved problem
Summarize the options

PART 2: Analysis and Solution (Consulting stage):
This is the “consulting” part of your project. Here you are expected to share with the reader (a) the main issue and underlying elements of the case situation, (b) the procedure used for obtaining adequate and appropriate information for the case, (c) a detailed analysis of the situation described in the case through the prism of material of from relevant coursework or discipline based literature and (d) recommendations for how the case issue can be resolved. The following structure would help you present your ideas:
Case Synopsis/ Key Issues: 

A brief synopsis of the case from the “consulting” point of view. Refocuses the reader’s attention on the key issues of the case and clearly specifies the objectives of the case. This is basically an “executive summary” of your findings done in a professional language

Methods used to obtain information

Interviews, secondary sources, observations, company website, etc., including questions for the interviews and respondents

Analysis of the Situation – Use the course material to analyze the situation:

The “defining directions and expectations” frame (how far are the rationale and goals for change defined)
The structural & human resource frame (how far does the structure fit the goal for change, how far the structure is supported with right people)
The cultural/symbolic frame (how far does the culture fit the goal for change)
The political frame (how far the leadership team and personnel are empowered & motivated for change) This is the most important component of your submission.

The case analysis should be specific and provide a consistent perspective on the issues of the case. 
Recommendations & Solutions

A set of alternative courses of action (if you see several of them) that would resolve the case solution.
Plan of action: a clear recommendation supported by theory and logic that can reasonably be implemented. 
Recommendations must be reasonable, interesting and specific. Don’t forget to strengthen your recommendations with course material ideas as well as interesting articles/books/ websites relevant to the topics of the course


Conclude the paper with your final thoughts and implication of the potential usefulness of the results to the real “client” and/or to you as future organizational leaders. 
Appendices and References:

The analysis must include a bibliography (in APA format) of at least six sources (publications and documents that you used to compile your information and to analyze and prepare the case).

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