Tourism in Rotorua, New Zealand

I have chosen Rotorua because I think it is a very interesting and important place to New Zealand as a tourist destination and has many distinctive characteristics which include physical characteristics, beliefs, attitudes and what to do in Rotorua. These characteristics are represented in my initial thoughts which are geothermal activity, culture and attractions. I am Rotorua and I am one of New Zealand’s prime tourist destinations. I have many highlights that encourage tourists to come and visit me as a destination. Whether seeking to experience Maori culture, geothermal earth forces, spa rejuvenation, thrills and adventure, or any of the other natural assets such as 16 lakes, some of the world’s best mountain biking trails, fantastic trout fishing and myriad forest walking tracks” (Kia Ora welcome to Rotorua, home of the world’s highest rafted waterfall, n. d. ). I deliver it all! All of these fun filled and relaxing activities make me a unique destination. I represent authenticity, energy, fun, culture and learning opportunities.
I am home to natural energetic geothermal activity and this is my primary attraction. I have a distinctive smell of sulphur that lets my tourists know they have entered my exquisite boundaries. My key geothermal areas include spectacular geysers, remarkable mud pools and calming thermal pools that have attracted visitors to my region since the 1800’s (Houghton & Scott, 2000). You can experience my relaxing Wai Ora Spa which is the only mud bath complex with therapeutic water and geothermal mud in New Zealand. I have a striking natural landscape that attracts visitors, and it never disappoints.
I have a lot of evidence that supports me being a vigorous volcanic region including hissing steam that comes from my roadside vents (Houghton & Scott, 2000). At my many thermal parks I have silica terraces and fumaroles that display striking colours such as red, pink, orange and green (Houghton & Scott, 2000). Some of my breath-taking thermal parks include Te Puia, Wai-o-tapu and Waimangu. Te Puia is known for the famous stunning Pohutu Geyser which erupts up to 20 times a day and reaches heights of over 30m. (Te Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley , n. . ). Wai-o-tapu is a distinctive volcanic area which has a natural bush setting. At Wai-o-tapu the Lady Knox geyser erupts at 10. 15am everyday with heights that reach up to 20metres (Lady Knox Geyser, 2010). The dynamic Waimangu Volcanic Valley has the world’s largest hot water spring and also has the inferno crater which has magical geyser action (Waimangu Volcanic Valley, n. d. ). Many of my tourists that visit Waimangu enjoy walking through the peaceful forest passing by mud pools, hot streams and looking down into geothermal craters.

My geothermal activity is very important to my destination as it offers authenticity. I am also the homeland of the unique Maori culture that encompasses warmth, spirit and history. “As wealth and education attainment increase, culture becomes more important as a destination driver” (Yeoman, 2008). This is very important to me as culture is offers a lot to my destination. I comprise many wholesome opportunities to come face to face with Maori culture found in energizing performances and displays and by meeting my people from the Te Arawa tribe. The Te Arawa tribe has now lived on my land for over 600 years.
Magical tribal stories relate to their settlement and the developments of their tribe. These are woven into poi, song and haka which are featured in cultural performances. The Te Arawa tribe have guided my visitors as far back as the 19th century when people used to come and visit the historic and unique pink and white terraces at Lake Rotomahana. These were known as the eighth wonder of the world because of the beauty of the natural sinter formations. The pink and white terraces were destroyed in the Mount Tarawera eruption in 1886 that killed 150 people (Mount Tarawera Explodes, 2009).
Since the 1930’s the site has been excavated and now thousands of my tourists come and visit my momentous buried village. There are also many night time activities I offer to my tourists that can further their understanding and knowledge of Maori culture. Some of these include the welcoming Matariki, gracious Tamaki Tours and the impressive Te Puia. I also have a thriving arts and craft cultural community. Traditional Maori carving and weaving can be found throughout my gardens and public and private buildings. I also have a community of artists, craftspeople, performers and musicians.
My major annual festival and art events include Opera in the Pa, Te Ihi Te Wehi that is a performing arts festival and the Magna Short Film Festivals that include drama and film exhibitions. (What’s On, 2006) These are just many of the breathtaking cultural experiences I can offer tourists as a destination. A key trend in my destination is the development and presentation of the Maori culture and its relevance to my country as a whole. The cultural capital of a destination is how consumers talk about a place (Yeoman, 2008).
This is why many people are now coming to my destination as they want to extend their knowledge on Maori culture as it is very important and authentic to New Zealand as a country. My secondary attraction’s includes many fun filled activities. I offer a large range that suits many people from all over the world who seek different experiences. My largest secondary attraction is the Agrodome. It is a world famous and world-class agricultural theme park. Here you can take part in a number of activities such as the sheep show, aqua jetting, farm tours, the swoop, zorb, and various other activities.
The sheep show attracts a large number of Asian tourists who enjoy a memorable authentic experience learning about farms and New Zealand history (Agroadventures, 2006). The zorb, swoop and aqua jet attracts those wanting thrill seeking experiences. This is key trend and it emphasizes how diverse my destination is by providing many different opportunities to partake in many unique experiences in one destination. Another one of my very popular attractions is the enjoyable skyline skyrides situated on Mt Ngongotaha.
Here you can take in my magnificent views while enjoying a ride on a gondola, go on the luge, try the skyswing or simply dine at the Cableway Restaurant. Skyline skyrides is an amazing attraction that everybody enjoys and it showcases the beauty of my natural landscape. This is a key trend as my natural landscape and its beauty and uniqueness are present throughout my destination. For those who love the outdoors and nature I have two very popular wildlife parks, Paradise Valley Springs and Rainbow Springs Wildlife Park.
At Paradise Valley Springs you can relax and take in the fresh air as you stroll through the park. I have various animals that my visitors can get close to including lions, deer, angora goats, donkeys and emus (Welcome to paradise, n. d). Also here at Paradise Valley Springs I have a freshwater spring called Te Waireks, also known as sweet water. You can drink this pure water straight and it is very cleansing. As a destination I believe I am very interesting, diverse and unique and have many characteristics that are appealing.
These include both physical and cultural characteristics that offer a wide range of variety that suits everybody. I believe that I don’t disappoint and everybody should come and visit me. I am a very captivating destination that offers authenticity and beauty, while providing many different cultural and learning opportunities to my trusty visitors. I have chosen the logo, “Rotorua, I offer it all!!! ””. I have chosen this slogan because I think it is important to tourism branding as it shows how diverse Rotorua is and how many different experiences it offers.

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