Tooth Fairy Belief

There have been so many things I have believed in since I was a child but have discovered they were not true as I grew up. Knowing that these beliefs are untrue has helped me form my opinions about life. The greatest myth I have believed in was the Tooth Fairy. However, I am glad I found out it was not real because it taught me that in life you have to work for what you want. I can recall a memory I have of when my first tooth fell out. I was five years old when I started to lose my teeth. I was so afraid to pull out my falling teeth but my mom would tell me that it was not that painful and that if I pulled it out I would see the benefits.
Then she began to tell me the story about the Tooth Fairy and how she would leave a dollar under my pillow in exchange for my teeth. Of course I listened to my mom, I did as she said and twisted my tooth until it was really loose and pulled it out. I was so excited to get money so I quickly put my tooth under my pillow and went to sleep anxious to receive money the next morning. To my surprise I found a dollar in quarters the following morning. This made me believe that indeed the tooth fairy was real. Every time I would lose a tooth I wouldn’t be scared to pull it out anymore.
In fact, it became an addiction for me because I wanted all my teeth to fall out quickly so I could receive more money. My experience with the Tooth Fairy made me believe that everything in life was free. This belief actually shaped my ideas of the world. For instance, I thought that good things could happen with a little bit of effort. By believing in the Tooth Fairy I thought that anything was possible without having to work hard. My discovery about the Tooth Fairy being untrue changed my life in a positive way.

As time progressed and I matured, I realized that it was not the Tooth Fairy that put money under my pillow but instead it was my mom. The way I found that the Tooth Fairy did not exist happened one night I lost my tooth. I was very curious to know who the Tooth Fairy was; therefore I acted as if I was asleep. Soon I saw my mom enter my room and since I slept with a night light I was able to see her face. I didn’t make it obvious that I saw her because I did not want to embarrass her. I waited until the next morning to tell her that I had found out the truth.
When I told her about my discovery, she denied it instantly. She said I must have dreamt that I saw her. Later when she had no other excuse, she admitted it. I understood her because she said that the story makes this sort of tradition more exciting. When you believe in a fairy or other things such as Santa Clause, it makes things seem more magical. It is a thrill to be anxious the next morning and receive money or gifts. It wouldn’t be so fun to know your parents are the ones who do all of these things for you because you see them everyday and can ask them for what you want.
It wasn’t a deception to discover this was all a lie. In fact, I was grateful to know that the Tooth Fairy did not exist because I learned that things in life have to be earned. Some of my thoughts and opinions towards life changed for good after realizing that the Tooth Fairy was a myth. First, I used to live in a world of fantasy when I was younger. I also used to believe that I could get anything I asked for in life and that I had to put little effort to get the things I desired. Now that I am grown up I realize that it is not easy to get a mansion by asking for it but rather working hard for it.
The way that I came into these opinions is by comparing how my life used to be before when I believed in the Tooth Fairy to now that I know the truth. When I used to think the Tooth Fairy would leave me money in exchange for my teeth , I used to think that I could just get things the easy way. It is very different now because I realized that there is not a Tooth Fairy giving me money to pay for my college books and tuition. The world we live in is very complicated to survive in if you do not occupy yourself into something that will help you succeed.
Money will not rain from the sky or be left magically under a pillow. This is why it is important to work to achieve our goals! I believe that the more you try or the greater effort you put, the greater are the chances that you will get what you most desire. Parents should not tell their children false stories because sometimes those stories can affect them in their lives. Some stories affect children’s mentality because children are vulnerable. For example, some children that believe in the Tooth Fairy can take extreme measures such as trying to pull ut others teeth just to obtain money. This can be very harmful to other children because a child might harm another kid to try and knock their teeth out just for the sake of earning some money. I am aware that some parents tell their children lies to make them act right. However, parents need to take in consideration that children are not going to think about behaving well but rather do the things that benefit them. If they can get money under their pillow just for a tooth they will beat up any other kid just too simply get their teeth.
It seems insane but it is true that children go way beyond to get what they want. Finally, discovering that the tooth fairy was not real changed the person I am today. If I hadn’t believed in the Tooth Fairy I may not have learned so many lessons in my life. The greatest lesson I have learned so far is that nothing in this world is free. Life puts us through many challenges that we need to overcome in order to achieve those things we want. No matter how hard you have to work for something it will pay off in the end!

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