Posted: June 17th, 2021

Tom Brady Biography

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There are many famous sports figures in the world today. Some are known as loud, obnoxious or stuck up. Tom Brady is non of these, Tom is a great person and athlete on and off the field. Tom was born in San Francisco on August 3rd in 1977. He was born into a very catholic family, his uncle was a priest and his father also considered being a priest. Tom is one of four children, he is the only boy, he has three sisters. Tom was a family type of guy, he went to church and after played golf with his father every week. Tom grew up playing mostly baseball and was very good at it.
He didn’t even play football before high school. Tom went to a special high school for baseball. It ended up that’s where Toms football career would begin. He took an interest in football because he liked the feeling of being on a team, and bonding with the players. When he realized his high schools football team was in need of a quarterback, he tried out immediately. He went to a camp for quarterbacks, where he ultimately learned the basic skills of a quarterback. Brady had success as a high school quarterback, playing on team in a school that was known to be unsuccessful at football.
When Brady graduated high school, he knew what he wanted to do was play football, not baseball. He struggled to find a college where he could have a legitimate chance to be a starting quarterback. Most collages turned him down because of his size, thinking he was to skinny, he was 5’9” 180 lbs. Brady tried to find a college near his home town San Francisco, but that didn’t happen. Tom was accepted a Michigan. He began his college career as the fourth string quarterback during his freshman year. His second year Tom ran into medical problems, he lost a lot of weight, dropping his weight to 160.

That year he didn’t see significant playing time. Tom Bradys third year of college he was ready to compete for the starting QB job. He was competing with Brian Greise, son of famous NFL quarterback Bob Greise. In a very competitive competition, Brady clearly won, although it was said that Greise got the starting job because his father had something to do with it. Brady was clearly frustrated because he was clearly the better Michigan quarterback. His frustration mounted though out the season due to his lack of opportunity.
In Toms fourth year Griese graduated and went to the NFL. The starting job was Toms. Although Tom was the starter, another Michigan quarterback controversy began. Michigan brought in what they though was an extremely talented and athletic quarterback in Drew Henson. Due to Henson’s high expectations, the Michigan coach devised a system in which Brady would start the first quarter and Henson would start the second and who ever played the best would finish the game in the second half. Obviously, this was a stupid idea and Brady hated it.
But, Tom played through his frustration and won the job back as the full-time starter. To cap off this season Michigan went on to win the orange bowl under Bradys leadership. Following his final season at Michigan Brady graduated with a degree in organized business studies. Brady was always very focused in his studies , with reflects the countless hours he puts in watching film and studying the opponents defense. Brady was very devoted to being the best he could, doing everything he could to get better which separated him from several other college and even NFL players.
The next portion of Bradys football career began with the NFL draft. Several teams didn’t want Brady, again, because he was skinny. The frustration mounted when Brady wasn’t drafted in the 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th round. Tom was at home with his family, ready to leave, when he received a call from Bill Belicheck, telling him that he was selected by the New England Patriots in the 6th round the 199th pick overall. Toms first year with the patriots he was the 4th string QB, he worked with a group of rookies and the coaches saw a leadership quality he had.
Brady, always a hard worker, attended all the off season work outs the following year and this showed another sign of his true determination. The 2001 season is when it really all began for Tom Brady. He started the season as the teams backup to Drew Bledsoe. In the second game of the season Brady had his first real chance to prove him self as an NFL QB. Drew Bledsoe was knocked out for weeks with an injury, clearing the way for Brady to the starter. Bradys transition to starter went smoothly, he and the whole team had a great relationship. Brady urged and motivated the players to work hard, and it paid off.
All in the same season Brady lead the patriots to the Super Bowl. They were 12 point underdogs to the St. Louis Rams. Brady and the Patriots won the Super Bowl and this was the beginning of making him the icon he is today. Tom Brady is a true Legend already, only in his 7th NFL season. He has already won three Super Bowls, two super bowl MVPs and one NFL MVP. Tom Brady shows how devotion, hard work and dedication all can make dreams come true. Brady started off as a skinny quarterback who no one really wanted, he proved them all wrong by everything he did and is a true NFL legend.

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